Bitcoin Subsidium

always 1x more Satoshi than your Bitcoin

XBTX can be mined using the Desktop Wallet or with any x16r compatible miner. Algorithm forks are subject to be voted on by the community via Wallets and sources will be released on 20th of December 2019, straight after the community pre-mine.

Anyway there are also especially optimised devices available called Bluebox (know for hosting Masternodes at home), the xMiner and the PiggyBank v3.

Later in 2019 the Bluephones will follow. These Blue devices are connected to an exclusive Pool trying to dominate and ensure a payout also to low-power devices.

Download the xMINER v2 for Windows 64bit

Check for example for offerings (We will add more shops on request.. feel free to ask… it's your chance to pave the way to eldorado). We invite everyone in the field of mining to join us. We don't beg.. we invite.